The Walking Project is completed and the Book a Field Trip page has been archived so the score is for documentation only.

Confluence Field Trip Score

  1. Identify your Group.
  2. Decide how you will make decisions and who will be the artist’s contact.
  3. Click on Choose a Field Trip and choose a route.
  4. Click on Lenses and decide if you want to choose a “lens” or theme from the WordCloud to influence your walking, choose your own, or walk free-form.
  5. Click on Book a Field Trip to schedule. The artist will confirm her availability with the person who books. (Everyone should read the waiver downloadable from this page.)
  6. Meet at the chosen time and place.
  7. The artist will meet you and demonstrate how to use the audio recorder. She will wear a video camera on a chest harness and walk with you.
  8. Walk the route as a group. Keep silence (except to audio record), look and listen, influenced by your Lens if you are using one.
  9. An audio recorder will be passed around; speak in it if you choose, using your Lens to influence what you say.
  10. At the route endpoint, return the audio recorder to the artist, disperse alone or together.

everything is interesting | keep looking | keep listening | notice movement | notice stillness | notice pattern | feel your feet on the earth | feel the temperature of the air on your skin | notice your thoughts and let them go | everything is alive

The above image was taken by Andy Harris of Lev8 during the aerial shoot for the artist’s installation, Streaming Twelve, exhibited in The Source at Rodman Hall Art Centre, 2014.

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2 thoughts on “Score

  1. I can arrange a group of adults with kids. Would that be suitable? Frankly, I don’t know how quiet the kds can be over the course of the walk, especially with all the exciting things they will see.


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