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Historic Rodman Hall  |  Steel Span Bridge (St. Paul Crescent Bridge)  |  History of Highway 406  |  Greenbelt Explore page for Highway 406  |  Burgoyne Bridge replacement  |  First and Second Welland Canals  |  Welland Canal history

“The Canada Hair Cloth Company site is a rare survivor in St. Catharines representing waterpower industrial development in the 19th century initiated by the location of First and Second Welland Canals.”

– Cultural Heritage Assessment Report Page 12
Former Canada Hair Cloth Company Property, No. 198 St. Paul Street
Part of Lots 47-49, 51, 66-69 and 72-74 and all of Lot 50, Corporation Plan No. 2
City of St. Catharines, Regional Municipality of Niagara
Prepared by: Unterman McPhail Associates, Heritage Resource Management Consultants

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